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Thread: many Japanese games for sale

  1. many Japanese games for sale

    I am selling many import games from my collection. They are all mint and complete with spine cards and barely played and look as good as new. I have a huge collection so these are the games I don't want to spend any more time with. You can request a scan if you would like to see the condition. I am paypal verified and have plenty of references from, ebay, and more.

    Online Pro Wrestling (uses Yukes Smackdown engine) $30
    Firepro Wrestling Z $30
    Def Jam Vendetta (2 extra Japanese Def Jam artists in this version) $30

    HORI PS2 Upscan convertor (barely used, play PS2 games in VGA, works with Xbox too)

    N64 import:
    Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 with convertor $80

    Saturn IMPORT:
    Samurai Showdown 3/4 collection $40
    Marvel vs Street Fighter $38
    Sakura Wars 2 $10
    Vampire Hunter $10
    Greatest Nine 98 Summer Action $20

    Dreamcast IMPORT:
    Berserk $SOLD
    Crazy Taxi $8
    Virtual On Oratario tangram $25
    Tokyo Bus Guide Bijin Bus Pack $65
    UFC $8
    Sega Rally 2 (FACTORY SEALED) $12
    Tech Romancer $25
    Sonic Adventure 2 $12
    Spawn $12

    NES 8 bit games ALL COMPLETE WITH BOXES AND MANUALS, sharp cornered boxes look new (UNITED STATES VERSIONS):
    Double Dragon 3 $12
    Bill Elliot NASCAR challenge $7
    Wrath of the Black Manta $7
    Batman Return of Joker $12
    Astyanax $8
    Gauntlet (TENGEN) $7

    PUYO PUYO T shirt size Large (BRAND NEW in plastic bag and with tag, retails for 3000 yen, found it at Compile shop in Hiroshima)
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