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Thread: Vampire Hunter D novels

  1. Vampire Hunter D novels

    Someone posted this on my LJ community and it made my Day. It seems Dark Horse is bringing all 13 translated vampire hunter D novels to the US. They also have the famous artwork from Amano. But damn this don't come out till May.

    You can check the dark horse site here for more info.

    Dark horse

  2. i'm extremely happy about this, too. i know the movies are just two of the 13, so it's going to be interesting to see how the rest of the stories go.

  3. While I was picking up DVD's today at media play, I saw the first volume of Vampire Hunter D out. I gotta hurry and finish some books so I can start reading it and I can't wait.

    Its been a long time waiting on this.

  4. Kirby help with novels!!

    Very important question: is it possible to find these translated novels somewhere in WWW to download? Just text. I live FAR from USA and can't buy them even with help of e-shops. If you know the link, I would be happy!!

  5. haha, i got an email a while back from that guy asking the same thing. unfortunately everything was fucked up and i couldn't access the site. on the fortunate side, while this guy was crying his eyes out looking for the novels, i was happily reading how D whupped everyone's ass in the first two books.

  6. The 3rd book should be out about now, but so far I've not been able to find a copy. Hopefully I can find one soon, cause its been awhile and I'm having D withdrawl.

  7. i'm checking the B&N in the area tomorrow. the first two books were excellent, and i like how they keep alluding to D's past. (is he, or isn't he, an experimental dhamphir?) the one thing i want to see explained is how he got the parasite on his left hand.

    slightly off-topic, but has anyone read the BLOOD novel? i picked it up earlier in the month but haven't got the chance to start reading it yet. it's supposed to pick up sometime after the movie ended. i think around several years later or something.

  8. I finally picked up volume 3. From reading the back of the book I believe this is the book Bloodlust is based on which has me excited. Now I gotta hurry and finish the book I'm reading so I can start this.

  9. i've been to the B&N closest to my house every weekend since and haven't seen a copy once. they have a couple copies of the second book, though, but that doesn't help me at all since i already have it.

    and yea, vol.3 - Demon Deathchase, is the one that Bloodlust was based on.


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