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Thread: '24' game in development

  1. '24' game in development

    As seen on
    Quote Originally Posted by [url=]their article on the 24 game[/url]
    24 is set to get the videogame treatment late this year, with Sony reportedly bagging the license to Fox's all-action counter-terrorist-busting TV hit starring Keifer Sutherland.

    News of the title slipped out some time ago when one of the show's stars Elisha Cuthbert mentioned it during a BBC Radio One interview, but recent months have put Sony in the frame - and most recently those whispers have turned into more concrete reports, with the normally reliable UK Official PlayStation 2 magazine including the game as part of its 100 Most Wanted supplement in the January issue.

    Sony's Cambridge Studio (Medieval, C-13, Primal, Ghost Hunter) has reportedly been working on the title for some time, with UK development sources close to the studio confirming our suspicions recently.
    (emphasis mine)

    Oh great. This can't end well, which is sad. 24 seems like the type of property that would convert to a videogame extremely well. Think about it: lots of stealth and not-so-stealth action, plenty of driving sequences, an overblown and overdramatic story with enough points of interest to keep even the ADD kids interested, and a completely implausable main character that can single-handley take on entire armies.

    The article also talks about getting the actual actors to do voices, who will no doubt mail it in partially due to a god-awful script.


  2. Wow, Medieval was a great game, I loved it. It's sad to see such crap come out of a company after having such a good first title.
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  3. The same company that did Medieval did Primal and Ghost Hunter? Talk about droping the fucking ball.

    Edit: Never mind, I was thinking of MediEvil. I have no idea what Medieval is.

  4. ............
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  5. Now, now, think about what other Fox games have gotten. It was probably between a sub-par Max Payne rip-off from EA, a completely shitty game from Vivendi, or this.

    Cambridge's games haven't been bad, just very average.

  6. Cambridge (formerly SCEE) made Medievil and Medievil 2. Not Medieval, as in the PC title Medieval: total War.

    Primal is a very good game. Unfortunately not many people gave it a chance.
    I also heard Ghost Hunter is pretty good.

  7. Ghosthunter was what people wanted RE to become befroe they saw RE4.

    it's not really surprising. Fox already had an american idol game and many simpsons game.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by toby
    Ghosthunter was what people wanted RE to become befroe they saw RE4.
    Who the FUCK ever said that?

  9. Ghosthunter's controls made it nearly unplayable, scatch that, completely unplayable.

  10. Will the game have 24 hours of gameplay?

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