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Thread: Router Problem

  1. Router Problem

    Hi I can't launch a billiards game
    My home computers connected through broadband ethernet router and seems my computer has one IP and router has another and game cannot find another computer.
    I'm sure many people might encounter such a problem, please someone help or point me to some online resources


  2. First, are you a girl?

  3. I think it's spam cleverly disguised as a cry for help.
    We want not thine "billiards game"! BEGONE!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by perkyskirt
    First, are you a girl?
    Duh, she can't figure out her computer.

  5. I love how companies hire Russians to go online and pretend to have problems just to get traffic to the site.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk


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