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Thread: Man breaks up with woman, she 'deletes' all of his MMORPG items

  1. Man breaks up with woman, she 'deletes' all of his MMORPG items

    Woman faces charges for deleting ex-boyfriend's online game data

    FUKUSHIMA -- A woman in her 30s who illegally used her boyfriend's online username and password to access an Internet game and delete his game data faces charges, police said.

    Police reported the woman, of Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, to the Fukushima District Public Prosecutors Office accusing her of violating a law banning illegal access. She has apparently admitted to the allegations against her.

    "I did it as revenge for breaking up with me," police quoted her as saying.

    The man, who is in his 20s, did not suffer financially because of the woman's actions, but she deleted items such as weapons and clothes that he had spent time collecting in the game.

    Investigators said the woman accessed the online role-playing game "Lineage" using the man's username and password in about April last year.

    "Lineage" is an adventure game in which players fight enemies with characters such as knights and magicians. Players can type messages to each other while they are playing the game, and can have their characters team up.

    The woman and the man reportedly met each other through the game in the autumn of 2003, and started a relationship, actually meeting each other, but they soon broke up, police said.

    "Lineage" is operated by a company in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, Jan. 20, 2005)

    I love this story. It's just like real life. Meet a woman ... fall in love .. marry .. she divorces you and takes all of your stuff.

    Anyone have a similar breakup story?
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  2. well once I broke up with a girl and she de-oped me on a chat channel

  3. I had a buddy in college, that had some beautiful shrubbery growin in his closet that was about a week away from bein ripe. She got super pissed one night, because his attention was devoted to MGS1 and not her. The next day when he got home from work she had killed the shrub with hairspray and drano, and about an hour later the cops came knockin on his door.

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    Further evidence that women suck.
    Why have emotions when they cause useless, nasty shit like this?

  5. I broke up with this chick once, she was really crazy (exactly why I gave her the boot) and she kept telling me she was gonna kill herself and all, I guess in an effort to get back with me. I really didn't want that to fall on me, regardless of how crazy this chick was and how far away I wouldn't to be from her. Happily she didn't kill herself (although she ran away and disappeared from the face of the Earth) and I have not seen her since.

  6. My lovely story, in an easy-to-read format.

    1) meet girl. We both fall in love. I support her financially and economically all through college and tough times. She is happy, I am happy.

    2) my parents hate her, so we get engaged behind their back. folks find out and ban me from teh house. I don't care because I love her and have a good job/career.

    3) Get laid off from my job- they offered me a lower position because they liked me and wanted me to stay. My pride and ego made me say "no". fiancee cheats on me the day after with an ex. she claims she "couldn't resist him". I was too pissed to even kick the guys ass.

    4) she dumps me two weeks later because I "won't be able to support her or the family we are planning". one day later, she tries to make things better and begs for me to take her back. too bad. she actually gave me back the engagement ring, rather than sell it (suprisingly)

    5) two years later, I'm back on my feet with an awesome career...and she regrets dumping me to this very day. she has no $$, no job, no nothin'.

    God, I hate women. videogames > women

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  8. If only prostitution was legal, I would never pursue another woman as long as I live.

  9. Go to Nevada. Problem solved.

  10. Or Amsterdam.


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