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Thread: Shooter fans

  1. Shooter fans

    Hi i want to buy the promotional gradius 5 dvd. I preordered mine and it was never offered to me so i think it may been off my video game stores radar.

  2. I am sure i could offer something for trade instead to tantalize someone out there.

  3. Just pm what you would like in trade or how much for the dvd i'm sure somone out there got a spare....

  4. I've got the director's cut DVD. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO TRADE?

  5. Hi, a lot of things what do you desire?I have a gapara import dvd loaded with stuff and everything about gradius until 3 & 4. I have alot of classic hand helds a mint condition zaxxon hand held and many others plus any thing else you might be looking for please just ask me.

  6. Do you have sly cooper2 or veitifull joe 2?

  7. Meh, I've shipped out the DVD to johnk on these forums so he could rip the DVD for people who were wanting to see the expanded version. When he's done doing that I could just tell him to send it to you instead of back to me. Do you mind waiting 1-2 weeks before getting it?

    Have any PlayStation 1 games to part with? Mega Man Legends or something.

  8. How about silhouete mirage?

  9. This is what i have for the ps one mega man ....

    Mega man 8
    Mega man x4
    mega man x5
    mega man x 6

    All still in there original shrink wrap.

  10. Well, I played through X4, hated X5. Not a big fan of the 2D MMs.

    Have you got Tomb Raider 1 or 2? Spyro the Dragon 3? Breath of Fire IV? I just want something new for the ol' PS.


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