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Thread: Games, Apple iPods, Airport Extreme, posters, WTB: 512MB/1GB Compact Flash card

  1. Games, Apple iPods, Airport Extreme, posters, WTB: 512MB/1GB Compact Flash card

    I can take concealed cash, personal check, and preferrably Paypal. I won't take money order unless it's a total last resort. I'm confirmed and verified on paypal and have lots of TNL and eBay credit to back up a smooth transaction. I ship USPS Priority, either in those prepaid pouches or if it requires a special size, I can get a quote. Shipping shouldn't be over four dollars for up to three games. Any additional purchases will require me to get a box to ship in, so shipping WILL BE MORE. Anyone wanting a poster will also need to add 2.75 for the purchase of a mailing tube unless you'd prefer I fold it up. I generally take about a week to get to the post office, since I don't drive myself. Just a warning.

    More detailed images upon request. Please post here. I am likely to ignore or forget about PMs and they only cause mix-ups.

    Calling it first means nothing to me. If someone bids higher within a day or a few, it's theirs. Unless I like your offer and you paypal quickly, someone else can still grab it.

    Quick questions can be IMd to me at Nessa62412.


    Sony PSone LCD Screen
    $32 Sealed, new, still has a gift receipt as well. I'll throw in free cables that will allow you to hook it up to your PS2/Xbox/whatever if you can go to Radio Shack and buy the three-dollar plug thingies. Shipping will be extra for this one. (note: Priority boxed shipping is six bucks, insurance {recommended} is extra) sold
    $4 Halo, Game of the Year edition, complete sold
    PS2 domestic-
    $20 SOCOM: US Navy SEALs- complete large box with headset and all documents.
    Medal of Honor Frontline- no manual
    $7 Space Channel 5 Special Edition- sealed sold
    $9 Bombastic (Devil Dice successor)- complete
    DDRMAX- sold shump-o
    $6 FFX- non-GH, no manual sold
    SSX- non-GH, complete
    SSX Tricky- complete Buy with above for $8 total, or 4.50 each
    Zone of the Enders the 2nd Runner- no manual sold- shump-o
    $8 GTA Vice City- complete sold
    Dynasty Warriors 3- no manual sold
    PS2 Japanese-
    Winning Eleven 5 soccer- complete sold
    Gran Turismo Concept Tokyo 2001- complete, mint sold
    $10 Gran Turismo 3- complete, and with special bonus guide-manual thing still in plastic.
    Sega: Genny - DC - Master System
    $11 Game Genie- 100% complete, all documentation and code book
    Alisia Dragoon- loose
    $6 Wheel of Fortune- complete
    $3 Ceasars Palace (casino game)- with outer box and manual
    $6.50 Road Rash 3- Complete with plastic shell and manual.
    Bangai-O- complete sold- shump-o
    R-Type- with plastic shell box
    Nintendo Consoles-
    Gamecube Silver Console- complete with box, all documentation, unregistered. Silver controller and one Wavebird included, as well as a standard Nintendo memory card. This things has only been used to play through three games. Everything is pristine and I still have all the plastic baggies and stuff that came with it. I'll knock off a few bucks if you buy it with some other things as a big package. Shipping will cost a bit more, and I highly recommend insurance on this.
    NES console- Excellent condition, no noticeable marking or scratches. Needs new pin connectors, but it's in beautiful shape otherwise. Comes with two nice controllers, and two Zappers (one orange, one grey) and cables.
    Tales of Symphonia GC- complete sold Shin Johnpv
    $14 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker GC- complete
    $23 Spiderman DS- new sold
    Double Dragon II NES- COMPLETE sold Mzo
    FF Tactics Advance GBA- complete sold OmegaFlareX
    $8 Columns Crown GBA- complete
    Intellivision- ALL are 100% complete and in good shape
    Horse Racing
    NFL Football
    Space Armada
    Lock 'N' Chase
    Poker & Blackjack
    BOXED, 100% COMPLETE Intellivision console- has all documentation, including mint promotional flyers, manuals, plastic ties, baggies, cables, controller covers, ect. This was kept in perfect shape for years, the box itself is even in great shape with minimal wear and no color fading.
    Miscellaneous- older hardware, accessories, ect. Toss in almost anything for a few bucks or free with purchase over $18.
    Game Boy GameShark (color or pocket era)- cart only
    N64 two-prong third party controller w/ turbo button
    Original Game Boy 4-player adapter thing
    Official Sony PS2 DVD remote system- receiver, remote, disc. No manual right now.
    Third-party import Magic Gate PS2 memory card
    Unofficial Pelican Sony PS2 DVD remote system
    E3 Xbox lanyard (the kind that has a rubber thing on the end, not the clip kind)
    Xbox controller (L)
    Posters- all are Japanese, no pinholes, full-size unless noted $4 each plus tube and shipping costs
    Love Hina game poster
    FilnansiS (?)- looks like an RPG poster
    Ultraman (?)
    Xenosaga Freaks
    Biohazard 4/reverse side is one of the DOA girls- magazine fold-out from HK
    Boxes and Manuals- Free if you buy something
    Pokemon Green import- GB
    Sonic 3D Blast manual
    Sonic and Knuckles COMPLETE with all boxes, manuals, and merchandise flyers
    Donkey Kong Land GB
    Sonic 3 outer box and manual
    Dance Dance Revolution PS complete gone
    Dance Dance Revolution Konamix- case only
    FF Chronicles complete, one other copy with no manuals (only the casing)
    Dreamcast (2001) box- complete with all inserts, cardboard and documentation - NOT FREE due to extra shipping costs

    I have some other stuff, like a women's small Xbox shirt from an E3 conference room (says so on the buttons, hah) and some small little gadgets, I'll add those later, as well as some games I can't find.

    Gimme some offers. Combine a bunch of stuff and I'll make it all cheap.

    I'm looking for a Saturn console, any working condition, as well as a used US PS2. I'm always open to trade offers if anyone has a list of stuff I can look through. And if anyone has Chu Chu Rocket merchandise, I'm a whore for Chu's.

    PICTURES- more on request
    J-phoenix poster
    Ultraman poster
    Some games
    Some Japanese game poster
    Xenosaga Freaks poster
    Love Hina game poster
    Biohazard side of poster
    DOA side of poster
    Some games
    Some more games and my Platinum GC
    More games
    The popular utterly complete and mint Dreamcast (2001) box and documentation.
    IntelliVision box

    APPLE STUFF See page 4 for details
    10GB first-gen iPod, non-working.
    15GB 3rd-gen iPod touch wheel w/ four buttons up top
    Apple Airport Extreme router
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    Giltch Guest
    How much do you think you'd want for the Gran Turismo Concept Tokyo 2001? I know you want offers, but I'm not sure what to offer...

  3. I don't know what to ask, honestly, I never see the thing around. Toss me a number and I guess I'll ask a few people to confirm.

    I'm not looking for steals on any of these. I need to clear some space out in my room.

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    Giltch Guest
    20 bucks too little? I've never imported a game, so I have no idea how much they're worth? Please excuse my stupidity...

  5. Unless someone offers higher by the night's end, that's fine with me.

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    Giltch Guest
    Shweet. I've got 35 bucks to blow, so I'll probably buy some other stuff as well

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    Giltch Guest
    My offer: $35.00 for Gran Turismo Concept Tokyo 2001(PS2), Double Dragon II(NES), Wheel of Fortune(Genesis), and Bangai-O(DC). Sound good? Oh and if it comes with a free box and manual, I'd gladly take the Pokemon Green import(GB) box and docs off your hands I collect Game Boy boxes, so if you can't manage to get rid of them all, you know where to send 'em

  8. How much for the PSone LCD screen?

  9. For the record, STOP PMing ME. I said above that I hate PMs and want you people to post, so just post questions and offers here. It's a LOT easier to keep track of who wants what and who asked first.

    Swift, your offer is a bit low to me, so change it up.

    Mzo called dibs on Double Dragon II as well, so that's now sold.

    Melf, I don't know an exact number, give me an offer and we'll work from there. That's why I didn't include any prices in the descriptions. Hot Like Wasabi is also interested, but you posted before he PM'd, so you get first call.

  10. Is the Tales of Symphonia for GC in good condition and I take it it's the US version?
    Where I play
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