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Thread: Music from Cowboy Bebop

  1. Music from Cowboy Bebop

    I have really enjoyed the music from Cowboy Bebop. I hate sounding like a huge dork, (despite the fact that this IS the internet), but I have all the soundtracks and I wanted to know if anyone knew of some good Jazz/Blues music that sounds like the stuff Seatbelts did for Cowboy Bebop?

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    In one fell swoop, you've got me researching this stuff and wishing I had some. I always liked it too. Sounds like there's some really interesing things out there. I need to try some of this stuff out.

    Charlie Mingus

    Lee Morgan
    Listen to that sample of Hocus-Pocus; I think you'll recognize some stuff in it.

    Horace Silver

    Go HERE and just start sampling stuff. I need some of this.
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    Giltch Guest
    Good stuff. I've also been looking for similar music, but I couldn't ever really find anything similar.

  4. The Bebop OST is amazing, for reals.

  5. I agree with all of this. Really good music.

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    Try getting into big band swing music. It fucking rocks.

    Smoke cigs while you listen too. Instant class.
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  7. The music is good.


    . . .

  8. I like the stuff made by Yoko Kanno in Cowboy Bebop. Can't say for the rest.

  9. Does anyone know the name of the catchy as hell, computery sounding song from this series? It doesn't sound anything like the rest of the Seatbelts stuff (not sure if it's them or not). I think it plays during an Ed scene, and its melody reminds me a bit of the Chocobo Theme. It's also the song playing when they interview the girl responsible for the show's music in the Extras feature on Cowboy Bebop Remix Vol. 5.

    I've read song descriptions of the soundtracks on Amazon (and downloaded a couple to see), but none of them sound like this song.

  10. Sounds like Cats on Mars.


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