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Thread: Hironobu Sakaguchi (Mistwalker) to develop on Microsoft's next console.

  1. Hironobu Sakaguchi (Mistwalker) to develop on Microsoft's next console.


    IGN Xbox :
    February 24, 2005 - Microsoft Corp. made public today the first strategic move in its campaign to launch its next-generation console by announcing that former Square President Hironobu Sakaguchi will create two new RPGs for still as-of-yet unnamed next-gen system.

    While succeeding in the North American and European markets with a solid second place seating for Xbox, Microsoft has begun the long, hard work of persuading well-loved and respected Japanese game developers to embrace the area where it failed, the Japanese market.

    Sakaguchi, who produced and directed the early Final Fantasy games and went on to work on the Final Fantasy movie (his theoretical downfall), has started a new development studio, Mistwalker, and has begun plans on two role-playing games specifically created for Xbox 360/2/Next.

    "Sakaguchi-san has taken role-playing games -- traditionally a niche market -- and introduced them to a broad and diverse audience across the globe," said Peter Moore, corporate vice president of Worldwide Marketing and Publishing at Microsoft. "We are ecstatic to work with Sakaguchi-san and celebrate what this news means not only for Xbox, but for gamers worldwide."

    "I'm excited about the two epic game titles we will be developing," Sakaguchi said. "A number of talented creators have signed on to help develop these games, and I'm confident we will be able to create games that provide gamers with a new kind of thrill.

    "Microsoft's cutting-edge technologies in the next-generation platform will allow me to bring to life an array of ideas that I have had for many years," Sakaguchi added. "I want these games to be alive with a new vision for gaming and vividly depict new characters that will transcend the game, find a place in the hearts of gamers, and make time spent with my games a fond and long-lasting memory."

    Finding common ground with Microsoft, Sakaguchi will lead bring his two upcoming Xbox-exclusive RPGs, to be published by Microsoft Game Studios, to the new system, believed to be announced at this year's E3, and potentially slated for a fall launch.

    Sakaguchi is a pivotal character in the rise of Square in general, not to mention being a formidable influence on Square's most popular RPG series, Final Fantasy. He began his career at Square Co. Ltd. in 1986 as a programmer, and successfully progressed to producer and director of the Final Fantasy series, but also worked on Chrono Trigger among others. He was responsible for the story and events of the Final Fantasy games from FFI to FFVI, after which he moved solely to direction.

    He was promoted to executive vice president in 1991 and eventually ascended to president of Square USA Inc. in 1995. In 2000, Sakaguchi was inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science (AIAS) Hall of Fame for his work on the Final Fantasy series. He left Square soon after the disappointing Final Fantasy movie. In 2004, Sakaguchi publicly announced his own development studio, Mistwalker.

    We'll have more on Microsoft's next-gen console news soon.
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