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Thread: The Official Metal Thread

  1. I would watch The Voice, if it rocked like they do in Sweden.

    He's no Bruce Dickenson, but damn!

    You could see the woman judge getting a little wet in her panties. She even threw up a leg on the console.

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  2. This was a cool little warmup session with Metallica and Lemmy.

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  3. Cool.

    I like Metal.

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    Fuckin' A.

    Lets all listen to my third favorite Motorhead song

  5. I did end up seeing Iron Maiden last year, center floor like 15 ft from the stage. It was excellent!

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    I saw them last year too. I was not super impressed but I was also not a huge fan of the set list.

    But I kept my mouth shut because it was my friend's first metal concert.

  7. First half of a turbulent year has a silver lining in some quality metal records, high on my recommended listening is Seven Spires - Emerald Seas, a really creative, richly melodic power metal meets melodeath album with a fantastic singer in Adrienne Cowan (she sang backups for Avantasia on their recent world tour). There's also the new album Oak Ash and Thorn by Dark Forest, who are a quality trad-metal band from England, I highly recommend checking out their 2016 album first however (Beyond the Veil). On the more AOR side of melodic metal, the new album by Dynazty is worth looking into, The Dark Delight --- (terrible title), probably a darker, more metallic offering from them as opposed to the more hard rock vein they've been exploring on recent albums, but still packing those hooky choruses that I love.

    On the melodeath front, check out Aeternam's newest "Al Qassam", these guys blend Middle Eastern melodies/motifs with a brutal take on melodic death metal ---- really hard hitting, very creative songwriting, and something a bit harder if bands like Orphaned Land and Myrath are too lighter toned/clean vocal driven (though I love those bands as well).
    Commentaries and Opinions on Metal

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    I did end up seeing Iron Maiden last year, center floor like 15 ft from the stage. It was excellent!

    My yearly best of lists up @ and
    I'm Jelly. Maiden is on my most wanted to see live in concert list, but I highly doubt I could talk the old lady into seeing a show. She did cave in to see a Kiss show back in the 90's.
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    Just go. Don't drag her along if she is going to hate it. Pay for her to go do something she likes at the same time.

  10. Or just leave her ass at home.

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