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Thread: Anyone get Yoshi TnG today?

  1. Anyone get Yoshi TnG today?

    Pretty addictive, this will make a great game at the office. Score attack mode is my fave so far. The game gets mean spirited in marathon. Using the stylus for getting enemy kill combos and coins is a blast. Here are my scores for both modes:

    Score Attack:




    Also, if you read the and gamespot reviews, make sure to balance it out a bit by also reading the IGN and EGM reviews. The and gamespot reviews aren't really tailored for score competitors and seem to focus on the fact it's not a platform sequel to Yoshi's Island (especially the review by Jeremy Parish, it even goes so far as to say "There is no escalating difficulty" which is an outright falsehood)

    Kinda wish there were some sort of bosses to fight though, now that'd be interesting....

    EDIT: Also, was able to get it for $29.99 at EB. Was $34.99 at Gamestop...
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  2. Yoshi The Next Generation? I love Jordi.

  3. Sweet, just snagged 2,017 points in marathon mode. To think I'm trying to get a high score in a Nintendo game...

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  5. I'm going to say stick with Score Attack if you're just posting scores, this should be the place to talk about the game in general.

    I really want this but I don't think funds will allow it anytime soon. Makes me cry because the game looks cool.

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    D'oh. My bad. I was too eager to post. I oughta know better. I'll bump yours with the above comments. Can a mod close this?


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