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Thread: Yoshi TnG

  1. Yoshi TnG

    OK, I think this is pretty straightforward on what to post. I mainly play marathon and score attack myself, but feel free to post your scores from the other modes as well.

    Marathon mode:

    22,154 yards

    Score attack:

    602 points
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  2. Score: 362 points

    Marathon: 6841 yds
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  3. After this weekend:


    4,000 yds

    Score attack:

    362 (exact same as Frito, crazy)

  4. Time Attack: 2:52
    Challenge: 3062 yds

    I almost beat my old marathon score, but a fish jumped out of the water right as I was dragging the superstar to Yoshi.

  5. Score: 390

    Man, I feel like the dude with the DS in this pic. :<

  6. Wow, I nearly tripled my marathon score right now!

    16,633 yds

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Frito
    Wow, I nearly tripled my marathon score right now!

    16,633 yds
    Damn! And here I thought I was kicking ass with my marathon score of 4911 yards.

    Fucking awesome score, Frito!
    I need to play more. :-P

  8. Nice work, Frito! I didn't even know that many yards was possible. The enemies must get insane by then, huh?

    And my latest marathon score today *cough* 4,800 yds

  9. Thanks, guys. :>

    I haven't been able to break 15,000 since, but then again I haven't played since March because of school and all. The trick is to try to kill as many enemies as possible when you're Super Baby Mario so that you can immediately grab another star and continue the process. Best place to do this is the cave because the stars bounce off everything. I also find that forming a barrier of clouds in front of Yoshi so that he won't move for a bit helps a lot.

  10. May as well join the fun, although Frito has dulled the excitment with his insane score.

    Marathon: 4,917 yds


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