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Thread: Soul Calibur III

  1. Soul Calibur III

    Quote Originally Posted by the Magic Box
    - GamePro reported that Namco will be releasing Soul Calibur III exclusively for PlayStation 2. Theg ame will have 3 new characters, with a 25 playable characters in total. There is a Character Edit Mode for players to create their own fighters. Soul Calibur III is scheduled for an Autumn 2005 release in US.
    My interest in the series dwindles as the sequels come out. Fuck this game. If I wanted a game where mashing on random buttons determines the victor, I can pick a much better one than this.

  2. Such as?

  3. I have zero problems with Soul Calibur, but...

    Fighter edit mode? That sounds like a nightmare and a blessing in one.

  4. PS2 exclusive? Fuck that.

  5. If true, this is so much lamer than the Soul Calibur series deserves.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque
    PS2 exclusive? Fuck that.

    That is unless I get a PS2 soon, again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Opaque
    PS2 exclusive?

    Part 2 killed everyone's interest in the series and part 3 will fuck the corpse.
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  8. I really dont have a problem with it. I dont know why people are getting all "tight wad" about this news. SC II was IMO nothing more than SC with new characters and yet people still dished out the cash. SC is still one of the best fighters out there period. Tekken 5 came back and saved the series after a sorry Tekken 4 and now everyone's on Namco's Balls... bah.

    Anyway I heard from else where that they where going to do the same thing as last time but I guess this news confirms I was wrong.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Opaque
    PS2 exclusive? Fuck that.
    Fuck Seconded.

    And 3Q 2005 at that....

    Anyone want to start a pool on how long this one takes to hit $20?
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  10. They're skipping an arcade release?

    EDIT: No SC3 arcade news from AOU + console release this fall = no (or belated) arcade release.
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