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Thread: 2D on portables no longer an option?

  1. 2D on portables no longer an option?

    Since both systems are out, I've yet to see anything that stands up alongside the upcoming castlevania sequel to aria of sorrow as a support towards 2D gaming. With sony and nintendo competing head to head, will this leave room for a classic form to continue or shall it be buried in last gen's era?

    EDIT: Could someone please move this over to gaming discussion?

  2. Of course there will still be 2d. I dunno for sure but I heard capcom were going to be releasing a classic collection for the psp, including shmups.

    I really dun know the details though

  3. How about No because the development costs (in terms of development kits and licensing fees) for the current hand-helds is way too high, making the production of niche 2D games (or just niche games in general) completely unprofitable.

    Nintendo especially is a bunch of assclowns. They talk about how they want developers to innovate with the DS, but then make it all but impossible to do so without going bankrupt. Fuck that. At least Sony does not front about their business model.


  4. Nintendo is releasing a new 2-D Mario game for DS. Nanostray looks like fun. I do not think there will be the number of 2-D games on the new portables as there was on GBA but they will still be around.

  5. The new kriby DS game looks awesome, not like anyone here cares though.


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