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Thread: Reliable Industry Insider reveals Revolution 3D info.

  1. Reliable Industry Insider reveals Revolution 3D info.

    Well, here's hoping it's NOT something you wear on your head. But if digital gurus Lucas and Cameron want to put it in all movie theaters then there must be something to it. Also, nice to know the gyroscope crap is just optional. In any case, I'm a bit relived the system isn't sounding too weird, if it's pulled off right the 3D add on thing could be a nice new way to experience games. But a 3D add-on/interface coupled with controllers that have optional tilt 'n tumble is hardly the makings of a revolution. From IGNCube:

    Broken Saints Revolution Rumors
    Fresh, right out of the oven speculation!
    by Juan Castro
    April 25, 2005 - In the middle of last week, the Broken Saint's website posted claims they knew the secret behind Nintendo's upcoming console, codenamed Revolution. Now, if it's one thing the Web isn't short on, it's people claiming they know what drives Nintendo's Revolution. What makes the claim on Broken Saints compelling, however, is that Brooke Burgess, the man behind the site, is actually in a position to know. Or at the very least, in a position where savory strips of information may be floating around, just waiting to be picked up by wary ears.

    Well, it looks like Broken Saints has gone and posted its much-anticipated theory on what makes the Nintendo Revolution revolutionary. At the core of the theory sits how Revolution will display games: through a form of real-time 3D projection. That's right folks, along the lines of a classic 50s monster movie. Nintendo itself has stated that what it plans to use on Revolution isn't all that unique, only that it has never been applied to videogames. Taking that into account, plus recent patents filed by Nintendo, and it doesn't sound all that far fetched, argues Burgess.

    If that's not enough, he goes on. During the ShoWest film conference, a panel featuring George Lucus, Robert Zemekis, James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez, and a satellite feed from Peter Jackson discuss their plans to integrate cheap digital stereoscopic 3D into major theater chains by 2007. Here's where things get interesting: Burgess claims to know an agent who spoke to Robert Rodriguez, stating they knew of a game machine that would exploit this new wave of 3D entertainment well before Hollywood could jump in on the market.

    Burgess goes on to say he spoke to an industry friend about his new theory, to which the industry friend said that Nintendo had shown a real-time 3D add-on for GameCube behind closed doors. When? At last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Burgess claims the Revolution will certainly sport wireless controllers, among other, unknown wireless capabilities. Also, according to Burgess, the Revolution controller will feature either a touch-screen or some form of proprietary PDA device.

    As for gyroscopic controllers, the Revolution will indeed use them. Burgess references several inside "sources" who claim they know Revolution controllers will support positional shifts as experienced in Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble. Not all games will support the feature, but Burgess states that at least one Revolution launch title will.

    This is all speculation, of course, but there you have it.

    Stay tuned for more.

  2. Awesome. I wanna play that hologram chess game from Star Wars.

  3. Hmm, by offering slightly less graphics power they can afford to include a projection type device that displays the image on the wall? Or on it's own screen? It would suck if this was an add-on, cause it sounds pretty cool....

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TrialSword
    Awesome. I wanna play that hologram chess game from Star Wars.
    I want to play a next gen version of the cowboy hologram game.

    Quote Originally Posted by BerringerX
    I am pretty sure one of the reasons Jesus died is so we could enjoy delicious chicken and waffle fries seven days a week.
    Eat a bag of dicks.

  5. Very stange...but also very interesting.

    I just hope this unique approach doesn't ward off developers like it has with the DS. The industry seems a little afraid to embrace new things. But then again, this IS a Nintendo console. Which means third party support is out of the question anyway.

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  6. Well if it's what "drives" the system it darn well beter not be a literal add on. I'd agree there, it better come with the system obviously.

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    I swear we had a thread about this already. In the last day or two...

  8. Cowutopia brought it up in the E3 Predictions thread, but it's big enough news (speculation) to deserve its own thread.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by BrAnDX105
    I want to play a next gen version of the cowboy hologram game.

    It was more of a time-travelling game than a 'cowboy game'. It still rocked though, but only because it was so bad. The screen it would show when you died was especially hilarious.
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  10. Two words: Virtual Boy
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    K3V is awesome!


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