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Thread: Phantasy Star Universe!

  1. Arrow Phantasy Star Universe!

    Just curious.

    If you have, post it!

  2. What? It's not even out yet.

  3. I know it isnt. I'm just wondering if theres anything new...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by CherryLunar
    I know it isnt. I'm just wondering if theres anything new...
    Welcome to TNL. ;D

  5. My thread!

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  6. #6
    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Box
    - RUMOR: EGM reported that Sega is working on a Xbox 360 version of the online RPG Phantasy Star Universe, the Xbox 360 version will be compatible with the game saves from the PS2 or PC version, since the user profiles are stored on remote servers.
    The plot thickens.

  7. Hot.

  8. No broadband where I live...

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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    The plot thickens.
    That news is amazing.

  10. You can have up to four characters, and you have your own little room where you can store items, change clothes, invited friends to hang out, and raise your robot assistant thing.

    More importantly its no longer looking jagged and shimmery as hell as it did at E3, though maybe the recent screens are from the PC version.
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