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Thread: Official Xbox 360 Thread.

  1. So, I got my system and have been downloading and playing all weekend! Impressions:

    Saint's Row: Liked it a lot, as it looks and plays great. The theme is lame and it's GTA-like almost to the point of copyright infringement, but it was fun.

    Tomb Raider: Liked this one too. Definitely will pick it up later on, as the control is so intuitive and fluid.

    Prey: Didn't turn me on too much. Seemed too Doom 3 for my liking. I'll have to play it again and see.

    Call of Duty 2: Awesome and one of the first games I'll get.

    I also DLed about 10 arcade games, and bought Gauntlet. I'll pick up some points later this week so I can get my ass handed to me by ya'll in Uno, Texas Hold 'em and SF: HF.

    Overall, I'm very happy with my 360.

  2. lockin this, start a new one please (assuming you can even read this message as apparently I can't get to page 102)


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