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Thread: CLOSED

  1. I'm interested in the NGPC plus MS 1st Mission and MotM. PM me a price for all three.
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  2. there will be a small update tomorrow including new items that have been found and an update regarding complete items(for those collectors).

    found some turbografx16 cases, some neopocket cases, and a new sega cd game(which will remain nameless until tomorrow)
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    I'm interested in a number of NES titles. I'll pm you a list.
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  4. I'll take Brutal for Sega CD.

  5. PM'd man.

  6. all pm's replied too
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  7. 2 shots of the Kill Bill mega badass holograph poster of doom:

    i'd have to say that it measures(rough estimate) a good 3.5 feet tall and a bout 3 feet wide, give or take.
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  8. I want the Kill Bill Holo.

  9. right now haomaru from Got-Next has dibs on it, but it also depends on how much he's willing to spend(no offers under $150.00 will be accepted)


    this thing is mad rare as i've NEVER seen one(until i got ahold of this) on ebay(and i've been continually checking so i dont under/over charge on my asking price to start with)...but i figured i'd give someone here the first shot at it.
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    I'll take Flink for Sega Cd. I'll PM you when I get off of work. But mark it as on hold if ya will.
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