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Thread: CLOSED

  1. Jonathon Hurtado: Your address is "non existent" according to the USPS(ie...your item was returned to me). Hit me up with an email/pm so we can resolve this issue.
    XBL Gamertag = XMrWhitefolksX

  2. #42
    Shit I totally forgot about Flink. I will send payment asap! Sorry sorry!
    I took all your French Toast.

  3. aurora: no problem.

    NOTE TO ALL BUYERS: After sunday I will be taking down this list as it's high time I put the rest on ebay(and a few of you who will remain nameless havent contacted me for a yes or no on items you wanted to purchase, which is really bad fucking form considering how badass i'm being with these deals) and I also have a local guy and his wife that are interested in a majority of the systems/games.
    XBL Gamertag = XMrWhitefolksX

  4. Got the game today(Space Adventure), thanks dude. I was looking for this game for a long time, now I got it thanks to you.

  5. There's this guy -- names MrWhiteFolks, yeah. He fucking tears the seller house D-O-W-N!

    Games are great, as well as the shipping, AND he made the most original bonus as a seller I've ever experienced. Rock.

    Quote Originally Posted by animegirl
    Got my game with fast shipping. A+++ best seller evar!!

  6. I want tekken advanced...

  7. Got my game today. Thank you sir!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Darius11
    I want tekken advanced...
    10.00 shipped. hit me up with a pm to lemme know how you want to handle payment.
    XBL Gamertag = XMrWhitefolksX

  9. got my stuff--thanks

    this guy puts alot of sellers to SHAME. hooked me up with a great deal on a gameboy sp (i can finally see my games now ahh ) -- even went out and bought a brand new charger when he couldn't find his. buy this guys shit. seriously.

  10. i would like to purchase mutant league hockey for genesis


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