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  1. Saturn Package

    Looking to get rid of the following:

    Saturn System: Model 2. Bought new and relatively recent from NCS. They also installed a territory switch and did a nice and tidy job of it as well. Switch goes up for imports, down for domestic titles - pretty straightforward. The catch: Only an official Saturn "3D" pad will be included, as I'm sending the pack-in pad off to be hacked up for a supergun unit. Excellent shape overall, and includes all original packaging and documentation, which is also in good condition.

    The games...

    Sengoku Blade: Much sought after and completely stunning 2D shmup from Psikyo. No spine card, but includes the "Digital Edition" disc which features character bios, video previews, and about 5 million pieces of fan art, among other things. Both discs are in very good, but not pristine, condition. Manual is in excellent shape as well.

    Soukyugurentai: 2D vertical hori from Raizing. Tons of scaling sprites, bullets, and some very keen extras. Includes spine card. Very small bend on manual, disc in excellent shape.

    Galactic Attack: No introduction needed. Domestic version, disc in good condition.

    Bust a Move (puzzle bobble) Arcade Edition 2: Disc so-so, but plays without any complications.

    Panzer Dragoon Zwei: Light surface scratches over entirety of disc, but plays no problem.

    The cases and manuals for all 3 domestic games are in varying states of disrepair, ranging from the not-so-bad (Panzer Zwei) to the fairly crummy (Galactic Attack). You'll probably want burn the Bust a Move manual after seeing the cover art, anyway.

    I'd like to sell this all as a single package for $200, plus whatever it takes to ship it. It's a more (damn more!) than reasonable price and a nice way to get into a bit of import Saturn gaming as well. If you're interested, either drop me a PM or an e-mail here:

    If no one bites, I might look into splitting things up for individual sale. Thanks for looking.

  2. That is INSANELY reasonable. I urge some one to snatch that up...NOW!

    Nice deal.

  3. Nobody, eh?

    Well, consider the offer closed and the separate bits spoken for.


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