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Thread: "What are you playing" thread?

  1. "What are you playing" thread?

    E3 is done. What's the game in your console of choice right now?

    I'm about 30 hours in, and I'm starting to get bored.

    Still hacking away at Rome:Total War also .. the endgame of a campaign is pretty hard.

  2. What is this? Post every thread on GAF at TNL?

    And nothing, I'm still working on the Home Theatre room. The computer desk is done. Yay!

  3. I'm playing The questionable copy of WarioWare Twisted right now. I like it alot and am looking forward to taking it on the go next week!

    Also playing Guild Wars and Counterstrike:Source's new maps.

  4. Guild Wars, Act of War, some Crimson Skies.

  5. World of Warcraft. Good fun.
    Ninja Gaiden. Holy shit, this game kicks DMC3 in the nuts. Love it.

  6. Half-Life: Opposing Force, Counter-Strike: Source, MGS3, and Worms Forts.
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    I'm playing PSO:BB and occasional smatterings of Atari Lynx games at work. Also due to Star Wars mania, I've been playing Rogue Squadron on the N64.

    As for the game of Life, well....
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Master
    What is this? Post every thread on GAF at TNL?
    How else will we have anything to talk about here?

    Anyway, just finished RE4, so I'm waiting for my copy of Hot Shots Golf for the PSP, and playing CS:Source and PSO:BB in the meantime. Tried the new CS:S maps yesterday, and they're just gorgeous, and a lot of fun to play on, too. New CT model sucks, though. And, coincedentilly, I just got a copy of Killzone that I traded Mario 64 DS for a while ago, so I'm itching to check that out pretty soon.
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  9. Virtua Fighter 4 Evo...VF games have some weird hold on me. Didn't even realize I played over 3 hours worth until I was done...

  10. I've been playing a ton of Forza Motorsport, with some Sonic 1, WWE Day of Reckoning, and WWE WrestleMania 21 sprinkled in.
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