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Thread: Why fur should be banned.

  1. Why fur should be banned.

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  2. LOL @ PETA

  3. Does anybody still listen to PETA after they compared KFC to the Holocaust?

    I mean, I'm no big fan of the fur trade, but PETA's message is usually emptied by their attempts to shock and/or guilt people into submission.

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    I don't think anybody ever really listened to PETA.

    I came into this thread expecting titties. What a total fucking misuse of the "NOT WORK SAFE" disclaimer.
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  5. Can't we spend our time thinking about humans that are being beaten and murdered before we start attacking the fur trade? Don't like it? Don't buy it. If enough people care the furriers will go out of business.

  6. What the hell sort of animals are those?

    In any event, as with all of PETA's lies, I'm sure that this was one incident and they are glamorizing it.

    Gruesome video, though. Fur is ugly anyway.
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  7. PETA supports the ALF (Animal Liberation Front, not the alien who likes to eat cats).

    The ALF relies heavily on violence, vandalism, and threats made to individuals to carry out their plans. Burning down buildings or stalking people and threatening them is par for the course.

    There are plenty of other bad things about PETA (using footage from decades ago and pretending it's new and widespread, or adopting thousands of animals, using it to show off how humane they are, and then putting them down) but that's the one that really gets me.

  8. Shit I thought we were talking about furries here. Furries should be banned from life. They should just get them all and put them to sleep. Like euthanize them I mean, not like putting them to bed with a bedtime story.

  9. Goddamnit, their headquarters is like 15 minutes from my house. They have a big cute running bunny in lights on the building around Christmas time... I suppose that's kinda neat.

    ... Nah.

  10. Why should we ban fur? The animals did nothing wrong. We should ban people. They were the ones doing the beatings.

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