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Thread: Dual Saturn package with over 30 game (PDS).....

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest

    Dual Saturn package with over 30 game (PDS).....

    some stuff i "might" be selling. i just dont play anything anymore.

    brand new v-saturn with modchip
    us saturn model 2
    2 virtua sticks
    1 analog pad
    couple of controllers
    memory cart (white sega brand)
    official capcom 4meg cart

    about 30 original games including PDS,BR,SFIII,MKR,HotD.....
    over 10 cdr's including princess crown and radient silvergun

    wanting to sell as an entire package but am too lazy to put it on ebay. wont sell for less then $700 (to include shipping which would be horrific) but was wondering if anyone would be interested.

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest

  3. I am interested in Panzer Dragoon Saga.

    If you can't get anyone to buy the lot, give me a price on PDS alone.
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  4. You get my email dyne?

  5. PDS, i can't remember who I sold it to. Its a great game, however there is absolutely no replay value. More of a buy it to see the fuss, then get your money back and buy some shmups.

  6. How much for the modded Vsaturn?

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest
    so far 2d has got dibs on the v-saturn, memory card, st key and 2 games. unless he backs out it's no longer for sale. but if it does becaome free game for some reason i was asking $200 for the above mentioned.


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