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Thread: World of WarCraft Battle Piece

  1. World of WarCraft Battle Piece

    Blizzard recently posted a job opening for Conceptual Artist, which has been my dream job for the longest time. No one ever just advertises for "concept artist", though, and companies usually have someone in-house for that sort of stuff. Being a huge blizzard fan on top of it all, I realize I can't pass up this opportunity. I didn't feel like my portfolio really shows what I can do though, so before I send them my stuff, I wanted to do a big World of WarCraft piece.

    Even if they don't care, it will probably get posted in the fan art section, and it's good practice.

    Just recently finished the pencils. Original is 27" x 21" (which was a huge hassle to scan). I included some close-ups since the detail gets mushy zoomed out. I'll post more as work on it; I'm trying a new painting technique where I don't need to ink the pencils.

    Edit: Added link to final.

    Close ups: Horde, Alliance

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  2. Theres no gnome or dwarf...don't hate on the little people.
    your mom

  3. The paladin is a dwarf. I left out undead and gnomes because it was crowded as it was, and I generally hate the designs of both those races : )

  4. That rules hard.


  5. Yeah, I saw that listing the other day and while I really want it I just don't think I stand a chance in hell of pulling off a portfolio (since I really have absolutely nothing considering my typical medium, i.e. pen on tiny restaurant notepad) for anything at this time. Makes me extremely sad. Ah well, I'll be getting back into art fairly heavily in about a spare $400 and will begin approaching it as a method of making money.

    Anywho, great piece, the weapon detail in particular is awesome. I think the face and hands of the Succubus seem unnaturally flat but that's my only problem with the picture. [edit] I think it's her left eye, it's too far over on her face.

  6. That's amazing, and definitely in the style Blizzard likes to go for. You obviously know your stuff when it comes to form and anatomy. I'd also give them another piece similar to that one that shows off how accurate you can be with armor and different body shapes to really impress them.

    Blizzard isn't a "you need a great resume and references" type of company... if you don't get the job or at least get considered for it, you will definitely get their attention for the future, and they will put that up on their World of Warcraft site for everyone to see it so other companies will take notice. Chris Metzen, who's a supremely talented artist there, got his start just from getting noticed somehow, and now he's a lead creative designer on World of Warcraft, I believe.

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  7. That is going to be even better when it's colored.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus
    I think it's her left eye, it's too far over on her face.
    I might enlarge it a bit; her heads slightly tilted.

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    Giltch Guest
    Jeez! How long did that take you?

    If you post a colored version, I'm definitely gonna have to make it my new wallpaper.

  10. I just popped ten boners.


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