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Thread: Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan

  1. Japan Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan

    Official Site

    What is Dokuro-Chan? Dokuro-Chan is. .







    And in 4 episodes has become my favorite anime ever~

    Dokuro-Chan is the story of Sakura-Kun, an average middle school boy who will someday grow up to create a formula for ever lasting life for women. God sees this in advance and says the angel, Dokuro-Chan, to kill him. Dokuro falls in love with poor Sakura and vows to prevent him from creating the formula by other, non-violent means. Armed with her magical, spiked-mace known as Excalibolg, Dokuro makes Sakura's life Hell by means of constantly killing him, bringing him back to life, turning his classmates into monkeys, making people disapear to suit her goals and many other ridiculous things.

    God then sends another Angel to Earth to truly complete the objective. Hilarity and violence ensues.

    Currently, only 4 episodes of Dokuro-Chan have been released in Japan, as they're being done about 2 episodes every 2 months. Elite is fansubbing them as they go, but currently only a raw is available for 3-4.

    You can find Dokuro-Chan on your favorite anime tracker GO GO GO!
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  2. So that's what that gif with the girl digging the spiked mace into some guy's back comes from...
    I must see this.

  3. #3
    ah...I see...I will give it a go

  4. That looks AWESOME - I must check it out.

    EDIT - 1:20am. I saw the first episode and I love it. I want more!!!
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  5. Saw the first 2 mini-episodes with Chao and Galaxia - fucking sickly fun. It's like Jungle Guu and Fist of the North Star.

  6. I actually found out last night that it's only going to be 8 episodes long

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  7. I actually got them directly from a friend on CD, but when he gets back online tonight I'll ask him what site he uses. Episodes 3-4 are REALLY over the top.
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  8. Animesuki sucks, somebody PM me a link or something.

  9. How does it suck? I got it from there?


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