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Thread: Tokyo's plans to create a Sky City

  1. Tokyo's plans to create a Sky City


    I haven't seen the actual program demonstrating this project, but the site is good enough to see how mindblowing this is.

    Just imagine this evolving into something much bigger, we could be living in cities like Midgar!

  2. I'd live in the third version of one of these, that'd be cool.

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    Hot damn. That would be awesome. Probably in our lifetimes this will start to happen.
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    Screw that. Yes, these will be made, but it is only a matter of time before the government becomes way to controlling and annoying and someone gets the bright idea to crash one of these into Old New York City.

  5. They already got one of them in Mississippi, it's called Gulfport.

  6. I'd so fall off of one of these.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flux=rad
    They already got one of them in Mississippi, it's called Gulfport.

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    Jetsons did it.
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  9. I reckon something like that will have to happen sooner or later.

    I saw this show on TV once where it was telling you about how you could rent 1x1x2 metres cubed of space just to sleep in because space is so hard to come by/too expensive in Tokyo.

    They need it, and besides it would be pretty neat.

  10. I'd like to own a space in that, but a much later version though.
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