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Thread: GEARS of WAR

  1. GEARS of WAR

    This is probably the only reason as of right now that makes me want to own a xbox 360. Since there is no thread I decided to make my own.

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  2. looks nice.
    MK2 on XBLA plz - let the unfolding of gameplay begin!!

  3. The title sounds like they did a column A/column B thing. A of B. Let's make a column of cool words and pick and choose.

    Threads of Fate, Legend of Mana, God of War, etc, etc.

    I bet the game will come out in the same timeframe that Malice did with the Xbox.

  4. "Ignore our first wave of games .. look at this instead!!"

    That game won't be ready for another 8-9 months and can be bought on a PC. Not so exclusive.

  5. I think it looks pretty. I also think I'm going to not give a shit until it nears release.

  6. Well if it hits PC I might get it for PC..... Either way the game looks like it's going to be better than just some regular FPS.
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  7. Yea looks nice, but did you see it in motion? Game looked like 100% trash. Shitty framerate and really shitty looking gameplay. Yeah its early but still. The art style also looks like every other futuristic war game coming out in the next gen. Chalk this one up as boring.
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  8. Its not an fps, but 3rd person view action game, with first person view

    Still, Movie of it I've seen looked nice.

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    Yeah...the video was quite rough, but its in the early stages...I have faith.


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