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Thread: Official Tokobot thread

  1. Official Tokobot thread

    The PSP gets some Pikmin style gameplay in the form of Tokobot, a strategy adventure from Tecmo. The art style on this looks very charming so far and it's been announced for North America. Sweet. We could definitely use a unique game like this to break up the PSP doldrums, and the sooner the better.

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    I doubt it will be as good as Pikmin but it looks neat and it's one of the few PSP games that interests me.

  3. Yea, I have noticed alot of the PSP games are rehashes of there bigger, better console brothers. I think this looks to be a cool game, maybe more like a mix of Pikmin and the Jak series. Let's hope it turns out great!

  4. Either way, more and more it looks like the PSP is gonna need more steak this fall to combat the DS. I'm sure a lot of peeps will buy GTA but Mario Kart, Animal Crossing online and Mario Kart online not to mention a new SMB are an impressive line up. No RPGs announced for NA yet either. For having such a great launch, the PSP sure is having trouble pumping out fresh games these days.

  5. Yea, I do think alot of DS games are sucky, but hell, I want to get that SMB if it comes out. Not to mention Nintendogs, Wario Ware, and some others. PSP has alot of great things about it, but if they keep making rehashes of old games ('cept Medevil, I want to play that one ^.^), they won't beat Nintendo in the portable gaming area.

  6. This game definitally looks awesome. I want to see more.

  7. That first screen had my jaw dropping, as the art style looked really fresh compared to Pikmin's. Then the succeeding screens just made it look like Pikmin with jaggies. Either way, it should be a really solid game. It's hard for it not to be with a Pikmin-style base.
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  8. Gamespot had a brief hands on with the game, I am likin' the sound of it even more. Check out the section in bold (there's also a brief video with comments from Kikuchi):

    Tokobot Maintenance Update

    Like Clockwork

    Producer Kikuchi drops all his knowledge about the quirky little Tokobots.

    Though Tecmo's upcoming Tokobot isn't quite ready for hands-on just yet, we got a look at a new trailer and had the chance to talk to producer Keisuke Kikuchi about the unique game. The recently announced title puts you in control of a young archaeologist named Bolt, who sets out to save the world with the aid of a gaggle of mysterious robots he discovers in some ancient ruins. While Kikuchi-san couldn't spill the beans on everything about the upcoming game, he did reveal a few choice bits.

    At present, it sounds as though you'll be able to roll with a posse of bots that'll run eight deep. You'll have the ability to switch them into three formations that will vary based on your location and needs. So far, we've seen the little guys lining up to form a makeshift ladder for Bolt to climb, wings for him to traverse chasms, and a tight circular formation around him that lets him get past potentially bot-maiming hazards.

    However, the most impressive thing we've seen so far is the special Voltron-like combining of Bolt's robot minions into a powerful gestalt. We got to see one of the creations, which was a massive lance-wielding, knight-looking robo that appeared to be pretty tough. In the case of that particular robot, Bolt was able to ride on its shoulder as it zipped about. Kikuchi-san revealed that the various combination robots will have unique attributes, and the ability to make those combination bots will come from blueprints you'll find in your adventure.

    Our look at the game gave us a better idea of the art style. Bolt's world of ruins appears to have a distinctly disheveled and blocky look to it, at least from what we've seen so far. The game uses a bright color palette and features clean character design. In some ways, it looks to share the same spirit as Sony's Ape Escape, with the tiny bots replacing the monkeys here (not a bad substitution, in our opinion).

    What heartless bastard wouldn't love a bunch of little robots?
    While our gander at Tokobot was all too brief, we did think that it is looking like a breezy action game with a good amount of personality. We're especially anxious to see how all the different gameplay elements will meld together in the final game. Tokobot is currently slated to ship this fall for the PSP. Look for more on the game in the coming months.

  9. Monster Rancher ran out of steam so hopefully this game can be another original series from Tecmo.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by diffusionx
    Monster Rancher ran out of steam so hopefully this game can be another original series from Tecmo.
    I never played Monster Rancher, which one would you say is a good one to start with? I figure in case I ever play Capcom's Monster Hunter it might be a good 'warm up' to a genre I have not tried yet.

    And I wish Tokobot was out right now, would make a very nice game for this summer.


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