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Thread: No online for Metroid Prime Hunters...

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    Well, I can't say that I'm at a lose because I wanted Mario Kart more. But havine online play with on Metroid Prime Hunters would have placed it higher on my "Games to play" list...

  2. Before, I really didn't want it. Now, I really really don't want it.


  3. Nintendo hadn't delivered any net libraries to devs last I saw, and they probably still haven't (they just hooked up with GameSpy didn't they?). So it was either no online or 3-6 month delay. And besides, they can finish online and charge you full price again by adding a "2" to the title.

  4. I didn't know Hunters was ever going to be online in the first place, and wasn't planning on buying it since I hate the demo

  5. Yeah, Mario Kart and AC online will soothe any tiny sore over this.

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    Damage: Controlled.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Dylan1CC
    Also, that NST Vorodi guy has really poor grammar. "We got to focus ont he wifi." Durrr.
    I don't mean to be a dick, but seeing this sentence and the word "anyways" in the same post just cracked me up, Sorry.

    As for the topic, I wasn't really looking forward to this game but the demo was pretty sweet.

  8. Hunters should just remain as a demo soft.

  9. "We wanted it to be free, easy, and easy to access for everybody. To set up the kind of infrastructure that we needed, and to meet the launch date we have for this game, the two just didn't match."
    Pssst.. Nintendo.....

    copy that, don't charge for it, problem solved.
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  10. The problem is that you can't provide that without charging for it if you're Nintendo.
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