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Thread: No online for Metroid Prime Hunters...

  1. No online for Metroid Prime Hunters...

    My initial post is blank and in total limbo. Weird. Anyways...

    Glad I am not looking forward to this much anyways but come on, online Metroid woulda been a sweet novelty at least. If NST and Nintendo are too incompetent to put an online mode into a simple DS game that screams for it, then am I really supposed to believe they are going to have online games at the Revolution launch? At this point it'll be a miracle if Mario Kart DS has online baloon battle. Cuz oh no, online baloon battle might tip the infrastructure's scales and make online Mario Kart "not accessible enough" and too hard to put in before release. Also, it's dumbhow the NST guy says "But *whimper* you can download it off one cart and play with friends! Yeah! You can all 'jump right in' and download off one cart." Yeah, download what? One sample level? Big deal, who cares? Nintendo needs to stop with these half assed attempts to combat Halo and pretend they want to get online. Just let Retro do what they said they wanted to do in an interview (which was Retro said they'd like to make a full Metroid Prime DS adventure) A big thumbs down to Nintendo and NST on this one. The free demo cart is all I will own of this game. Also, that NST Vorodi guy has really poor grammar. "We got to focus ont he wifi." Durrr.

    Nintendo Avoids Online Metroid
    Damage control on missing multiplayer for the upcoming game.

    by Patrick Klepek, 07/14/2005

    Is it any surprise Nintendo's avoiding the hot button issue of online multiplayer with Metroid Prime: Hunters? The company absolutely loves highlighting the work they're supposedly putting into an online infrastructure for Nintendo DS, but they're showing time and time again that they completely miss the point.
    Mario Kart and Animal Crossing will both have online modes in their DS incarnation, but Metroid Prime: Hunters, a first-person-shooter begging for the feature, won't have it because Nintendo doesn't feel up for a delay, said the developers in a recent interview passed onto the Gaming Age Forums.

    "Really, we could have made this game online. But Nintendo's vision of online play is different from that of other companies," said Kensuke Tanabe, producer of the game. "We wanted it to be free, easy, and easy to access for everybody. To set up the kind of infrastructure that we needed, and to meet the launch date we have for this game, the two just didn't match."

    You're telling me Nintendo didn't have any plans for this freakin' feature when they started development on Metroid Prime: Hunters? Looks like Nintendo still hasn't learned anything from their past.

    "Right, but I don't think we look at it as a negative thing, because as we're not focusing on the Internet we got to focus on the wi-fi stuff, so four players can jump in like that," says Richard Vorodi, game designer at Nintendo Software Technology. "And if only one person has the game, well, you can download it too, and then play with your friends. I think it's going to be the perfect multiplayer game because of that."

    If you put your ear close to the screen, you can actually hear the damage control sirens buzzing inside the text. Nintendo knows they've botched online for Metroid Prime: Hunters, and seems content without doing anything about it.
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  2. Sort of disappointing, since this would probably be fun online, but it's no big loss to me, since AC and Mario Kart will be online.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy
    Sort of disappointing, since this would probably be fun online, but it's no big loss to me, since AC and Mario Kart will be online.
    Yeah, I have been anticipating those way more anyways. But like I said, if they can't get online into a simple multiplayer based game that needs it on a system with built in wifi, then how will they get their act together for online games at Revolution's launch? And again, will mario Kart even have baloon battle online (they said at E3 it "should" other wise just 4 player vs so far)

  4. When did Nintendo say MP:Hunters was the first online DS game? Why is this suprising?

  5. Well, there were reports it would be, obviously they were wrong. The point still stands, who will want to buy it now? Not me. It's bad enough it's just a Metroid multiplayer game. It may not be much of a steak but at least give us some online for a little sizzle ya know?

  6. Who will want it? Folks who want said multiplayer Metroid. Or those who just want some Metroid action on the DS.
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  7. Wait, Hunters is going to be multiplayer only? I didn't realize that.
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    K3V is awesome!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy
    Who will want it?
    The people who thought Metroid Prime 2 multiplayer was good.


  9. Quote Originally Posted by K3V
    Wait, Hunters is going to be multiplayer only? I didn't realize that.
    No, they claim there will be a substantial single player game -- although very little information has been released.

    Go home and be a family man.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by diffusionx
    The people who thought Metroid Prime 2 multiplayer was good.
    Hunters' control scheme is totally different. More like a standard FPS. Plus, it's NST (bleh) and not Retro.


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