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Thread: 2x Genny and Sega cd sale with games.

  1. 2x Genny and Sega cd sale with games.

    Selling the rest of my Sega CD collection. I have a tandem of the genny 1 and sega cd 1 as well as a genny 2 and sega cd 2. i have one official 6 button controller and one generic. theres only hookups for one system but i want to unload them both. lot is sold as is, no seperating. the games are all complete and in good shape except for the booklet to Tomcat Alley. Its only the front and back cover. The front or Prize Fighter has seen better days as well. The Sewer Shark, Kriss Kross and Night Trap boxes are the cardboard ones. they're still intact but pretty worn. the games are

    prize fighter
    tomcat alley
    the animals
    wheel of fortune
    lunar 2
    nhl 94
    ground zero texas
    sewer shark
    cadillacs and dinosaurs
    sonic cd
    demolition man
    corpse killer
    bram stokers dracula
    double switch
    baseball tonight
    rise of the dragon
    kriss kross
    night trap (original unedited version)
    mortal kombat
    and a boxed/complate backup ram cart

    asking price is $175 shipped due to the fact that i would send the games and two sets of systems in seperate boxes, making 3 total and the sheer amount of stuff being sent.

  2. Lunar 2 and Ground Zero Texas can always come home with me if no one takes the lot.

  3. sold


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