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Thread: Mikhal's Feedback Thread

  1. Mikhal's Feedback Thread

    Bought Legend of Oasis from Maruchan. Everything went smoothly. Got my game. Blah blah blah. Thanks Maru!

  2. nice to hear i have zero to limited internet here.. So thats nice.. also i got mikhals money nice and quick...

  3. Got my Steambot Chronicles from neoalphazero today! Good stuff!

  4. Mikhal is a great buyer who's responsible and quick. I definitely recommend!

  5. NGEFreek

    -Jan. 4: Inquired NGEFreek about his Xenogears and guide book (w/ 2 free Memory Sticks) from this thread.
    -While sending PMs back and forth about the item, I decided to do a little search for his feedback and saw Melf's thread warning not to buy/trade with him. At this point, I told him I'm a little wary about buying from him now and I'd do it if he shipped first. He agreed.
    -Jan. 18: Game came in the mail. Shipped out the 16th according to the postmark. No memory sticks. He already warned me about it before I got the package through PM that he forgot about them. He said he was gonna ship it when he had the time.
    -Jan. 22: I did my end of the deal and sent him a money order.
    -Feb. 2: Sent a followup PM to him since the delivery confirmation said it was delivered on the 25th and he never said anything about receiving it. He said he got it, and I inquired him about the missing memory sticks.
    -Present day: Never got a response about the memory sticks and it's been over a month so I consider the deal over and done with.

    Overall, I got the stuff I paid for and it's in great condition but I never got everything I expected from the transaction. The memory sticks weren't a big deal, but I was hoping for at least a response back if he wasn't planning on sending it (I told him it's not a big deal if he didn't send it in the PM). As for whether or not you should deal with him after that negative feedback from Melf before, I honestly can't say as he sent the items first. I was hoping that by giving him a shot I could probably give him some great feedback that'll rectify his past trades (seeing how it's been almost 5 years since the Melf trade). Maybe do what I did and suggest he sent the items first if you have good feedback already or just not trade at all... but sometimes you can't help when the other party has some good stuff.

    It could also be my fault for not sending more than 1 PM about the memory stick, but I didn't want to bother. Especially since he said he was going to ship it before I even sent the money order already. Not needing to hound people and hunt for things they owe you separates the excellent traders from the good/decent/horrible ones, in my opinion. Especially since it's a bonus item. Though I did remind him after he posted in the Haul Thread here. Figured if he didn't see it, maybe Samba de Amiga does since I think that's his fiance/someone close to him (they used to have the same gamertag in their profiles).
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