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Thread: Facade

  1. Facade

    I was watching Cinematech (or whatever it's called) on G4TV and saw the video for this game. Basically, you go over a couple's house for dinner, and they start having an argument. You can type in what you want to say and they respond to you realistically. It seems like a glorified chat bot, but for some reason it looked really interesting. You can get the run down and download the game here:

  2. I've seen just about everything now.

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  3. Sweet Jesus that's ugly.

    I'm trying it anyway.

  4. I've heard about it, and seen it on the Cinematech you're talking about. It's kinda interesting. I'm skeptical about how responsive they can be to what you'd type.
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  5. I've been playing Facade for a couple of days now and it's really quite captivating. I haven't seen all the different drama's yet, but I haven't played a game that's been the same twice. I don't think it's the most mind blowing experience of all time like the press would like everyone to believe, but it's definetly impressive.

    You can almost smell the long-winded 1UP blog for it coming :X
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  6. I finally got it to install and gave it a whirl. They really do respond to what you are typing, and you can get kicked out of the apartment with a quickness. The cool thing is, after you finish a scenerio it keeps a "drama log" for you to see. Next time I play it, I will show you guys what it looks like. It's pretty cool for a free game.

  7. It was fun to kiss people in this game, but if you let it roll on it gets so sickingly serious that I couldn't continue to play. It actually put me in a bad mood...

  8. Oh, the characters are polygonal. Thank God. I thought they were MS Paint sprites or something going by the screens.

    Anyway, this is fun to mess with. I haven't done too much with it, yet, though.

  9. This shit is fucking weird.

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    This game made me feel nervous and akward.


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