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Thread: Espgaluda II! (Placeholder for discussion)

  1. Happiness
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by sethsez
    Maybe if it doesn't have the same damn bullet patterns they use in every one of their games I'll be interested.
    What type of bullet patterns are you talking about?

    And I don't care about this announcement one bit, gives one a bit of breathing room though.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by StriderKyo
    That 4th stage of Mars Matrix with the armada gets me every time. I can cruise up to that point, but there are one or two points that just seem physically impossible to get through, even the guy on the unlockable perfect vid seems to get lucky. Then I can cruise until I get to the last boss, who is just insane. I almost refuse to believe the perfect vid guy did it without slowing the game down. The number of 2 pixel spaces you have to fit through at high speed while changing direction is flat-out unfair. I always die at least 2-3 times.

    If you want something that's challenging but not impossible to single credit, check out Giga Wing 2. The game's available domestically and really short - you can get through every board in a couple of minutes, so you don't have reams of patterns to memorize. Mastering the scoring system though - that's a whole different world of headache.
    You have good taste my friend.

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  4. Gigawing 2 is actually not cheap. 1 is, MM is, but 2 goes for like 40-50 bucks


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