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Thread: FS: Snatcher Sega CD

  1. FS: Snatcher Sega CD

    I have a Snatcher for Sega CD. Very colse to new/mint condition. No scratches, manual is in excellent condition too. Case is like new.

    $65 plus shipping.

    Thought I'd give it a shot here before it goes to ebay.

    Paypal or money order.

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  2. Bump

  3. Last bump before ebay.

  4. Hey, do you still have this? My friend Mzo might be interested.
    please don't ban me, bonuskun

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    Also lawl at Snatcher for $65 these days.

  6. Carding everyone in this thread.

  7. Lawl that after a month and half, he still couldn't sell it.

  8. They had ebay in 2005?
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    God, how old is ebay? I remember using it back in high school


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