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    I thought about posting this in the Stella thread but that just wouldn't be right. Michael Showalter, writer/comedian, State alumnus and co-star of Stella has made a new movie about to be released called the Baxter. I watched a trailer for it a week ago and it looks great. It has the following premise: "In these endless dating movies there are always two people about to get married then some charming schmoe comes along and steals the girls away from her fiancee/soon to be fiancee. So what about the other guy??? That guy is known as...The Baxter.

    From yahoo movies: What's a "Baxter?" According to Elliott Sherman's grandmother, a "Baxter" is a guy who never gets the girl. And Elliott certainly qualifies. An obsessive-compulsive accountant prone to wrong moves, Elliot could very well miss out on his perfect match as he pursues the blonde bombshell who will never love him but who just might marry him.
    Interview from

    The official site is nicely done and has the trailer of course:

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  2. I saw the trailer, and the movie itself doesn't really excite me, but I may go see it on the strength of Michael Showalter alone, that guy is awesome. I just hope I don't get burned like I did with Wet Hot American Summer, that movie was a pile of shit.

  3. That guy will always be "Doug" to me, no matter what role he plays.

    "I'm outta heeeeere."

  4. Wet Hot American Summer ruled, dont front.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Super-Eggroll
    That guy will always be "Doug" to me, no matter what role he plays.

    "I'm outta heeeeere."
    lol The rallying cry for rebellious high schoolers everywhere!

    In other news, unless this gets wide release there is no chance I will get to see it here in ND.


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