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Thread: Need cheapo DVD player recommendations.

  1. Need cheapo DVD player recommendations.

    OK, my 4 year old Sanyo 3 disc changer crapped out on me, won't stop giving disc read errors. I have recently gotten Seinfeld S4 on DVD and Lost will be beckoning me next Tuesday. So I need a replacement fast. Is there a particular cheap brand I can get at Walmart I can bank on? Also, I know progressive scan players can be had very cheap now (but i hear they aren't so great for anime)

  2. Best buy has an awesome cheapo: Cyberhome 300s

    It even has progressive scan/component out, and play almost all media types

    And I believe this model may even be region free:

    All that for under 40 bucks

    I got an older one that even does PAL>NTSC conversion. When using component my older model has saturated reds, but maybe they fixed that by now, you can probably check thet nerd-out forum for more info.

  3. Norcent Dp220

    Very cheap, but very good. It doesn't have a front lcd display, and if you lose the remote you're fucked. But it's under $40, and it plays divx files and other media. I bought one this summer and I love it.

  4. How about brands found at Wally world? I don't think I will go with Apex for one thing. My brother and a friend had one and the trays started doing weird things after awhile.

  5. I just got a Magnavox MDV 434 which plays divx. It's a sweet little thing for 67$ (Denmark, Europe)
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  6. If you can, just go down to your local Wal-Mart or Target or even Fry's. They all should carry the Cyberhome brand. For what you pay for 'em, theyre actually not bad. Although mine looses sound on some DVDs, my sister's works fine.

  7. Well, I just got a Phillips slimline for about $60 at Walmart. A bit more than I wanted to pay but surely a better brand than Sanyo (they used to have a good name my dad says ) and plus it of course plays VCDs, MPEG4, and Divx too. Keeping the remote tho of course.

    Now, time for some more Zim, Seinfeld, Cowboy Bebop and next week Lost. Yessss.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dylan1CC
    Well, I just got a Phillips slimline for about $60 at Walmart
    A wise choice, easily one of the best "cheap" units available. (I think it's the DVD642 model). You're better off spending $20 more for the features and slightly better build quality than you are getting a $39 unit. Plus, if you use bittorrent or other P2P services the Divx playback (although it doesn't support some newer Divx features) will allow for 5 or more movies on one DVD, or one near-DVD quality movie on a standard CD. This unit may still be available at Target, and Best Buy has it for $60 on their website.....

    Other than a few defective units here and there and complaints about the cheesy remote, the overall reviews for it are excellent.
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  9. I have a CyberHome 500... not easy to find in stores now, but worth ordering online. It'll play any DVD from any region, does the correct PAL to NTSC conversion, MP3, JPEG, DVD-A support, has progressive scan and optical audio out. I've had it for quite a few years now, and have had ZERO problems. It's well worth the mere $50. If you can't find it though, go with the 300, that's what my girlfriend has.
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  10. I still need to buy that Philips dvd player that plays divx and shit.
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