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Thread: Editorial on lack of PSP games/problems from OPM/

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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Will
    PSP definitely has nice features but just looking at their game lineup I probably won't be buying one anytime soon, especially after buying a DS (which was a chunk of change).

    So far I'm loving the DS so I don't need another portable at this time. Hopefully PSP will correct it's software drought and maybe come up with a better way to shield the screen integrated into it's design.
    The hori screen protector from EB fixes this stat. A little piece of practically invisible static film that lasts virtually forever and it's only $5 IIRC.

    Quote Originally Posted by FM Nick
    All I know is that I'm happy with my PSP as a multimedia/Lumines player, and I'm happy with my DS for Kirby/Nintendogs/soon to be Animal Crossing player. It was all money well spent.
    I'm pretty much in agreement here. I own both systems and each gets tons of play. PSP = Lumines, Wipeout, emus and shows, DS = Kirby and Yoshi. I have gotten my money's worth too.

    I just wish folks like Hirai would shut up about movies and music and start prodding the companies into makign a few more game projects (maybe this is one time where the 3rd parties are standing up to/ignoring Sony more than they have in the past?)

    Some news can be good news, ya know?

    Oh yeah and Ac!d 2 will be out in November (?), forgot about that. Anyone know how well the first Ac!d sold?
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  3. The DS and PSP were launched pretty close together in Japan - the fact that the PSP launched several months after the DS in the U.S. should've helped eliminate a post-launch drought. Obviously, that hasn't been the case. Nevertheless, the real issue, IMO, is that while the DS has quickly become loaded with tons of original and unique games, the PSP is still just getting ports for the most part.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    Is it possible for someone's rights to create new threads to be taken away? SpoDaddy, ZeroHero, and several others need to be treated a little "special" I think.

    Because Yoshi's real particular about what kinds of threads he likes to troll into a ditch


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