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Thread: WANTED : Huanted Castle

  1. WANTED : Huanted Castle

    Please end this quest for this pcb, buy or trade...

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    Speaking as someone who owned the damn thing, don't be a dumbass. The game is terrible and is tremendously overpriced. Take your collector's hat off and put on a thinking cap.

  3. Seriously, just emulate it. If you for some odd reason still demand it, get it then.

  4. what is this hUanted castle you speak of?

  5. The arcade game that Castlevania is based off of.

    The Japanese is title of the arcade game is Akumajou Dracula, which is the name the CasteVania series in Japan.

  6. It's also a terrible game- and difficult as hell...mostly because of shoddy control and design.

  7. Thanks guys for your input...


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