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    EB Trade Ins

    I'm not very practiced in this trade in thing but recently really wanted to get rid of a lot of stuff to open up some much needed space. I got a flyer from EB saying if you trade in 3 games you get an additional $3 per game, trade 4, an extra $4 etc. I figure you'd still get hosed, right?

    I pulled out roughly 50 games (18 GC, 18 PS2, 12 or 13 PSone) many without booklets because my son can be a real idiot, bagged 'em and took 'em in yesterday. I asked for store credit instead of cash (I have no idea if they'd calculate it differently).

    The flyer states that the offer does not apply to certain titles, so I figure since they don't list the titles, they're going to screw me. The girl gave me $250 and let me tell ya, I really, really don't think there was anything in there you might classify as rare or even close to it. There were some good games in there, but some filler too. She told me the offer really bumped up the amount I got.

    I was pleased to get $5 a game as it certainly saved the hassle of trying to ebay this crap or sell it here and deal with shipping and whatnot. I think the "offer does not apply to certain titles" thing probably refers mostly to sports games. Anyway, I think this is a pretty good deal they've got going in case anybody wants to take advantage of it.

    I bolded (wtf? retarted word!) the important parts in case you don't want to read the rest of this post.

    **edit** I just realized maybe this should go to Hot Deals? I dunno. I kind of thought it was relevant to the trade depot for people trying to clear their stock out.
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  2. Yeah, better than the 80 cents or something they tried to give me for games one of the few times I've taken anything in for trade-in.
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    $250 for 50 games is a good deal now? How many used games could you buy at EB for $250?

  4. Yeah, I think I'd prefer a padded collection over half a paycheck.

  5. This only makes sense if you paid less than or $5 per game. Hell will freeze over before I trade in a game to one of these companies that I paid $50 for.

    Of course, it's been a while since I've paid $50 for a game anyway. The power of pricedrops and clearance.

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    No, this only makes sense if:

    a) you're running out of room for stuff and need to clear space

    b) you don't want to deal with selling the stuff individually because you want the process to be over with immediately

    c) you really haven't played many games in the past year and could really not care less about having a "collection" anymore like some dweeb

    d) don't really give a shit about the money because selling games is not considered 'a source of income' because you are part of the real world.

    If you meet this criteria, $5 a game is pretty good. You know, if I sold that stuff here I wouldn't have charged more than that for pretty much anything in the stack of stuff I sold and I probably would have been talked down to even less on average and still had to deal with the bullshit packing and shipping, which lots of times people with full time jobs and children don't want to have to deal with, especially fifty different directions.

    So yeah, I got a good deal because I didn't have to deal with you assholes or people like you, cleared a bit of space, and got some reasonable store credit that can be my son's "gaming allowance" over the next three months or so. A winner is me.

    I gave my Aunt and her husband a box full of dvds and some vhs for free. There were about a hundred items in the box. Lots of really good dvds in fact. I knew they'd appreciate it and it allowed me to clear even more space. I won there too, for free.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    $250 for 50 games is a good deal now? How many used games could you buy at EB for $250?
    How much crack can you buy for $250?

    Thats the relevant question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diffusionx
    How much crack can you buy for $250?

    Thats the relevant question.
    Go ask your mom.


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    Quote Originally Posted by diffusionx
    How much crack can you buy for $250?

    Thats the relevant question.
    If they gave him 250 yen, he'd be even more happy.

  10. My brother and I did this and we got about $200. We got rid of crap nobody would take before. Trimmed our selection and made room for the next gen.

    I didnt have a problem selling crap like Red Faction for $5.
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