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Thread: WTB: Fist of the North Star PSone

  1. Japan WTB: Fist of the North Star PSone

    I'm looking for a used copy of the FOTN action/beat-em-up game that came out for PSX around 2000 or so. I can pay with money order only. I'm willing to pay up to 60 dollars + shipping. PM me if your selling.


  2. I had this game a while ago, my friend gave it to me for christmas, I sold it on eBay for I think $80, it was awesome. (The Money, that is)

  3. You didn't like the game?

  4. I may have it, gotta check may want to try Gametz though..

  5. I'm still interested, I just have been offline since late Oct. due to my computer crapping out on me.

  6. I'm certain that I have it, I'll take a pic if interested and make an offer.

  7. sure, I'm willing to go 60 bucks + shipping, but I hafta wait until this crazy Christmas spending is over with, if that's cool with you.

  8. I'll scan it and post a pic to make sure we're talking about the same game. I'm in no rush.

  9. Cool. I'm thinking of the game that is sort of like Sword of Berserk, but sans sword, and a sort of cel shaded look, but it isn't actually cel shaded.

  10. Theres a 2d fighter (I know I definitly have that, if it hasnt sold)
    and a 3D beat em up which came few years after.


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