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Thread: [Ebay UK] Selling PC,N64, GC games, dvd's, vids & more

  1. [Ebay UK] Selling PC,N64, GC games, dvd's, vids & more

    Hi guys, I'm sellings lots of pc games, dvd's etc if anyone from the UK is interested:

    PC games
    Starsky & Hutch (PC) 0.99
    JetFighter II 0.10
    Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Star Trek: Judgment Rites 0.50


    Beverly Hills Cop (DVD 2002) 0.50

    Medal of Honor European Assault (GameCube PAL) 1.99

    Nintendo 64
    Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo 0.99

    Predator 2 [1990] 0.10
    Dad's Army Selection Box - All Time Favourite Clips 0.25
    Doctor Who - The Aztecs [1964] 0.25
    Doctor Who The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Deleted Rare 0.50
    Doctor Who - The Seeds Of Death Years Deleted Rare 0.35
    Doctor Who - The Pertwee Years Deleted Rare 0.45
    Doctor Who The Ark In Space Deleted Rare 0.45

    Star trek magazines

    Star Trek Monthly No:54 July 99 0.15
    Star Trek Monthly No:56 Sept 99 0.15
    Star Trek Monthly No:60 December 99 0.15
    Star Trek Monthly No:49 Feb 99 0.10
    Star Trek Monthly No:46 Nov 98 0.15
    Star Trek Monthly No:57 Oct 99 0.15

    Other stuff

    Bean The Script Book- the ultimate disaster movie 0.10
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 26 Oct 2001 0.10
    Star Trek klingon battle cruiser make your own starship 0.10
    Star Wars Millennium falcon (make your own falcon!) 0.10
    Phantom Menace The Unofficial Gameplayer's Guide 0.25
    Doctor Who The Completely Useless Encyclopedia 0.50
    Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology 0.99

    All these things finish of sunday

    Here's the link
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