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Thread: Let's Halloween This Place Up a Little

  1. Holla!

    If you havent seen this classic gore/expolitation flick, then you have done your life a disservice

    And if you have, the first round of Viper is on me!
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  2. BOO!!!

    I'm scary.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by D_N_G
    So is Street Trash the name of the movie that the images are from? If so, Netflix here I come!
    EDIT: I queued that bitch. The synopsis sounds awesome.
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  4. One of the greatest underground horror flicks of all time, they actually just released it on DVD

    Be prepared for melting people, junkyard necrophilia, and penis football

    Down on their luck and possessed with a powerful thirst, a population of New York winos begin pounding an inexpensive liquor that costs a mere dollar a bottle. But, as with most things that seem too good to be true, there's a big catch: The drink causes the consumer to melt into a glowing blob of goo. If they want to avoid certain death, homeless brothers Fred (Mike Lackey) and Kevin (Mark Sferrazza) will have to resist the temptation to imbibe.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by D_N_G
    penis football
    I am so there.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Josh
    Don't we all do this every year?

    I forget.

    I'll get in on it in a bit. Not quite over Katamari yet.
    Put a pumpkin on the kings head.

  7. im in, fir bolg representing
    Quote Originally Posted by Compass
    Squall's a dick.

  8. I don't the support the devil and his friends, the hershey company.

  9. Halloween is better than any FF animated movie, or anything FF related ever.

    I am torn however, I love my avatar and sig more than any other I have ever had.
    Barf! Barf! Barf!

  10. Have the avatar down, now for the sig..

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