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Thread: *Added: Panzer Bandit, Bonk 3, etc.*...FS: Sat, PC-E, SCD, PS1, PS2, DC

  1. *Added: Panzer Bandit, Bonk 3, etc.*...FS: Sat, PC-E, SCD, PS1, PS2, DC

    Ok, here we go. I decided to try and do some cleaning of my video game collection. Prices are now listed, but I'm VERY negotiable on them Everything is complete unless stated otherwise. Prices do NOT include shipping. I usually ship via USPS Priority Mail, but I can ship via cheaper methods if someone wants it I accept Paypal, checks and money orders. If anyone is interested in anything or has any questions, feel free to ask. I can also supply more pics of anything of interest. Thanks for looking!

    PSOne - Panzer Bandit - Original version. Mint. No spine $Offer
    PSOne - Lunar:SSSC Guide Book - Sealed. Mint $Offer
    Mega CD - Anet Futatabi - Mint w/ spine $Offer
    Turbo Duo - Bonk 3 SCD- Mint $Offer

    NECRONOMICON - Mint w/ Spine SOLD
    KEIO YUGEKITAI - Mint w/ Spine SOLD
    REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA - Mint w/ Spine, Cards, and Artbook $20
    DESIRE - Mint w/ Spine $15
    EVE BURST ERROR - Mint w/ Spine, Char. Artbook $15
    J.B. HAROLD BLUE CHICAGO BLUES - Mint, No Spine $12

    TENCHI MUYO - Mint w/ Spine $10
    URUSEI YATSURA STAY WITH YOU - Mint, No Spine, Hudson CD Sampler included $10

    FF CHRONICLES - GH Version (FFIV - Mint, Chrono Trigger - Excellent) $12
    TIME CRISIS - Import "The Best" version, Mintw/ Spine $8
    METAL GEAR SOLID INTEGRAL - Mint, No Spine, 2 stickers missing $25

    SONIC 1 - Cart only $2
    SONIC 2 - Cart & Box only $5

    BACKUP RAM CARTRIDGE - Cart only, but I can get the box if someone really wants it SOLD

    COLORS OF MODERN ROCK - One of two versions. One is Good condition, the other Mint condition $offer

    KEIO FLYING SQUADRON - PAL Only Demo w/ playable US copy included (Though it says its a demo, the entire
    game is actually on the disc) $30

    SHERLOCK HOLMES/SEGA CLASSICS - (Sherlock - Good, Sega Classics - Mint) $3

    Gremlin-ized DC System w/ 2 controllers, 1 VMU, 1 Rumble pack and hookups. This system is "selective" with what games it actually wants to play. Some load and play perfectly, others dont load at all. $offer
    JET GRIND RADIO - Excellent $5
    SPACE CHANNEL 5 - Excellent $4
    BUST A MOVE 4 - Excellent $15
    SOUL CALIBUR - OK Condition (many scuffs) $1


    XENOGEARS Guidebook - Near Mint $25

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  2. Bump with new items added.

  3. PM sent.

  4. How low would you go on Panzer Bandit? I would love to own the game, but I've also seen it hitting upwards 80 bucks on ebay, and I can't handle that kind of money.

    Let me know.

    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  5. Yeah, the game is kinda rare and I also paid a bit of the ol' $$ for it, so I was kinda looking for abotu $70 on it. I'm figuring I'll probably try and go to Ebay with it..

  6. Eek, didn't mean to lowball you there then. I wasn't aware of how much it was going for.

    I would like that Sherlock Holmes and Colors of Modern Rock though.


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