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Thread: GANTZ anime ending wtf!?

  1. GANTZ anime ending wtf!?

    Can anyone offer insight on their interpretations of the ending to this series? I mean WTF are they trying to say?

    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  2. What ending are you talking about?

  3. Wait they actually made up an ending?

    ... Because the manga is still going (and going damned strong i might add)

  4. what volume of gantz is the manga currently on. I just downloaded and read vol1-15 this weekend.

  5. Chapter 214 was just released.

  6. Yea I think the anime is still in production also. I'm on the second season at the moment...just been too broke to by the second dvd.

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    Wait...I believe I had see the First season (I didnt know there was a second season of the anime).

    And yesh...the ending was fucked up...It left me with a big WTF face and I had to watch the last ep again to see if I missed anything...

  8. Yea theres a second season called second stage. Here in the US its labeled volume 7 I believe and contains 4 episodes per DVD now. It caught me by surprise about 2 months ago when I seen it had already came out without warning.

    I usually check the gantz home page for updates from time to time on new seasons or what not. Also the the first DVD has a very cool interview extra with the creator being interviewed by the actress who played GoGo in Kill Bill and was in battle royale and other violent twisted films. Also gives a bit more background.

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    Oh thats cool...I should check it out...




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