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Thread: [EBAY UK] I'm sellings lots of pc games, videos etc

  1. [EBAY UK] I'm sellings lots of pc games, videos etc

    Hi guys, I'm sellings lots of pc games, videos etc if anyone from the UK is interested, I can ship for overseas customers but I will only accept paypal and will send you and invoice to let you know how much the p&p will be for your item, Here's the list:

    PC games
    Starsky & Hutch (PC) 0.99
    Who Shot Johnny Rock? 0.10
    Star Control 0.10
    Star Wars DroidWorks 0.50

    War of the Worlds - Resurrection - Official Sequel 0.99
    Doctor Who - The Colin Baker Years deleted rare 0.99
    Friends Video, Series 5, episodes 13-16 0.10
    SWAT 0.50

    Star trek magazines

    Star Trek Monthly No:60 December 99 0.15
    Star Trek Monthly No:49 Feb 99 0.10

    Other stuff
    Phantom Menace The Unofficial Gameplayer's Guide 0.25
    Star Wars Ep1Phantom Menace Oficial Souvenir edition 0.99
    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 26 Oct 2001 0.10
    Jurassic park annual 1993 0.50

    Some of the items finish of sunday others finish on monday

    Here's the link
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