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Thread: Dragon Quest 8

  1. PlayStation  2 Dragon Quest 8

    the game is a little more than a month away from release and a few of you may have already played the demo disc so i figured i'd go ahead and start an official thread.

    for those that have played the demo disc, what's it like so far?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by rama
    for those that have played the demo disc, what's it like so far?
    I actually forgot I had the demo disc, it got shoved aside. It came with the last Shonen Jump. I will play it tonight and edit this post with my impressions.

    Initially, I can say that I'm shocked and amazed that the game is actually called Dragon Quest here. I wasn't expecting that, and until I saw the ad at GameStop and the cover of the demo, I wasn't entirely sure they were doing it. It just seems like it's late in the game to switch back to the original title.

    ...but then again, this is an incredibly different-looking game for the series, and it took us until the 7th Final Fantasy game to get the numbering right here. Go figure.

  3. It's fun. Really, really charming, and the overworld feels huge, which is a nice change from the miniturization and abstraction of most overworlds. It feels like it's going to be an epic game without the pretention that usually goes with that, which is nice.

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    The whole Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest deal only happened because of a TSR D&D copyright issue, which isn't applicable now-a-days so the naming discrepancy is finally over. Hooray.

    Uh DQ8 is good stuff. Plenty to do (about half as much as DQ7, so for most people that'll be more than enough), looks good, sounds good, and most of the story is presented well.

  5. i heard somewhere that the music in the US release won't be synth but orchestrated or whatever. is this true?

  6. My thoughts pasted from another forum:

    I was able to spend some time with the demo yesterday and here are my thoughts. Very Happy

    I've always had interest in the series, but I've never really enjoyed any of the games. I was super excited about DW7... and it ended up being one of the few games I've returned in the last few years.

    But the Toriyama art and good looking screenies and movies has got me excited in another DW game, and luckily I was able to try out the battle demo today and I'm excited enough that I think I'll be picking this up.

    The demo has a battle mode (run around some forest and plains fighting monsters) and a story demo, which I've read is over two hours long, though I haven't tried it yet.

    The battle system seems good, if your run-of-the-mill jrpg turn based deal, but there seemed to be a variety of attacks so thats cool. Also, even though the battles are random, I didn't feel like I was getting them too often, and what battles there are go quickly.

    Toriyamas art looks awesome in polygons btw.

    So yea, I'm pretty excited.

  7. Thanks for the impressions, sounds pretty cool. I really hope my demo comes soon, I've been looking forward to checking this out for a while now.

    Quote Originally Posted by rama
    i heard somewhere that the music in the US release won't be synth but orchestrated or whatever. is this true?
    I'm curious about this too, that would be really neat.

  8. i'm preparing myself for the music to be the same. i wouldn't really mind, though.

    also, i got some info on the new skill system from some faqs i read. you get skills from weapons...kinda like final fantasy 9 or tactics advance. you get skill points from fights to use however you want with each you don't just level up with a sword and eventually get such and such skill. once you have the points you can use them however you want. uh...i think that's pretty much it...unless someone else can explain better or knows more about it.

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    With each level up (more or less; each character has a fixed progression of earning SP), you get a set amount of Skill Points that you can distribute however you want, and based on the amount of SP you have in each "job", you earn higher titles which give you skills and/or bonuses (ie, having 100SP in Sword makes your sword attacks +20 or something). All characters have 5 "jobs"; 3 weapon types, one unique-to-character type, and bare-handed combat.

    Everyone has a ceiling of like, 300SP or so at the end of Lv99, meaning it's possible for you to max out 3 of the 5 job types per character for playing the game normally. If you really wanted to max all characters out in all jobs (which I don't see the need for), you'd have to go out and find (monsters to kill in order to get) Skill Seeds to make up for the lack of points.

    You don't have to use specific weapons to earn specific Skill Points or anything, either; you can fight barehanded 100% of the time and throw all SP into sword fighting if you really wanted to.

  10. Did anyone else pre-order the slime controller? I did, because I'm a dork. The cashier at EB thought I was insane.


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