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Thread: NeoGeo Pocket Color special package if sold by tomorrow

  1. NeoGeo Pocket Color special package if sold by tomorrow

    Thought I'd see if I could get one last minute sale in before I leave for Japan. The only thing about this sale is that if you are interested, you MUST have the money in my PayPal account by 5pm Central time tomorrow (Thursday May 30th), otherwise I won't be able to get the package sent off before I leave for Japan.

    Price is $250 shipped and insured with delivery confirmation. Here's what you would get:

    NeoGeo Pocket Color US unit - silver (with original box)
    Official NGPC CaseLogic vynal case gotten directly from SNK from E3 1999
    Official SNK baseball cap also gotten directly from SNK
    NGPC link cable
    Nyco NGPC Worm light

    US Cardboard Case games
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Samurai Shodown 2

    UK & Asian - full English hardshell cases and manuals
    Card Fighter's Clash - SNK Version
    Crush Roller
    Dynamite Slugger
    Fatal Fury First Contact
    Neo Turf Masters
    Picture Puzzle
    Puyo Pop

    Drop me an email at if you are interested. Again, ONLY respond if you can end up getting the money to me via PayPal by 5pm Central time tomorrow. Thanks!
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  2. Well, Shidoshi, if you can't sell the package I would be interested in getting the following seperately:

    NGPC CaseLogic vynal case
    NGPC Link Cable
    Samurai Showdown 2
    Cardfighter's Clash SNK Version (if its in English)

    I'll e-mail ya, you can respond to it or PM me over the forums if your interested, I'd PayPal you the money immediately if the prices were agreeable.

    If you'd be willing to do it, that's cool, but if you can find someone to buy the whole package, more power to ya my friend
    omg TNL epics!


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