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Thread: Bonk/PC Genjin arcade game

  1. Bonk/PC Genjin arcade game

    I finally got around to playing this in MAME and it is one colorful and addictive little game. Figured I'd give a little run down for those who like the Bonk games like me but haven't played this yet. Basically it takes the same basic gameplay and enemies from the Bonk games but sets it in a ton of "minigame" levels. Every time you kill an enemy you get a trademark Bonk smiley on your head and have to try and keep them all on top of your noggin.

    All the while enemies divebomb, shoot and in general try to hit you which causes your smilies to fall off wherein ya have to "Bonk them back" on top of your head. You also pick up a bonus soccer or basketball which you dribble. Make it to the goal and you dive off a springboard and try to "slam dunk" using his head. Some stages are viciously tough. The one I just played had a ton of baddies and missile turrets to dodge. I had to get invincibility/power-up twice to keep all my collected items before the goal.

    Anyways, this is a sweet little gem and combines platform and frantic arcade scoring very nicely IMHO. The game was made by Kaneko who devved the Star Soldier games and its spin off Star Parodia for Hudson (to name a few of their many PCE/TG-16 titles)

    A random pic from the game:

    Flyer from Duo World magazine, also check out the hilarious "Green Jelly loves TE" spot.

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  2. Cool find, I've never even heard of this.

  3. Yup, it was actually a long awaited MAME release in the Turbo community. I like it because it really adds something new to the series and isn't just a sequel.

  4. Nice to hear its playable in MAME now. I've been wanting to play this for years, but don't keep up to date on the emu scene.
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  5. Dylan can you please change your avatar and sig?

  6. Wow...I love me some Bonk and have never heard of this game. Nice find dude!

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    Bonk kicks ass. I used to love it back in the day. I remember in the instruction manual for Super Bonk it talked about a secret minigame or something inside the house level by the television. I never found that damn minigame, and it still haunts me to this day. Fuckers.
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  8. PS2 Bonk remake is all the big headed lovin' I'll ever need.
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  9. Bonk, TurboDuo, and Green Motherfucking Jelly.

    Greatest. Thread. Ever.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Ammadeau
    PS2 Bonk remake is all the big headed lovin' I'll ever need.
    I second that. Great remake. Wife loves it, I love it. Even Jack Thompson loves it, I hear.

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