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Thread: Mario Kart/NDS WiFi friend code field?

  1. Mario Kart/NDS WiFi friend code field?

    Would this be possible to add, in a similar fashion to the XBL gamertag field?

  2. Bacon: Just so you know -- or according to my understanding in talking to Josh, the friend code is a great addition, but it will vary from one online game to another. That means the field will to enable fields each time a game is released. (The temporary solution is of course, the forums or
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  3. If bahn is right and your profile carries across multiple games I see no problems in adding it, but its kind of superfluous if it's similar to PS2 online gaming.

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    I'd say wait to see if it's different from game to game. Wait for Animal Crossing. If so, we can just make an official thread for friend codes for each game in the Online forum.
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  5. Hooray.

    I've never gotten excited over so many numbers.

  6. Yeah, definitely wait. Make sure if each game has its own number or not.
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  7. We can always just make them a permanant fixture in our sigs too.

  8. I'm sure the code will vary. In fact...if you play your MK card in another DS, that will also generate a new code.
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Glass Joe
    We can always just make them a permanant fixture in our sigs too.
    That would be my suggestion, too.


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